Name: Asanda Sizani

Twitter: @asandasizani
Instagram: @asandasizani

Full time 9-5: Fashion Editor and Style Consultant

After hours: “A typical Cancerian. Mostly entertaining at home, or curled up with a good book while eating too much pastry.”

Skin care brand you swear by: “Optiphi. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting their teams at their lab and seeing them package this incredible local skincare brand. The science and research behind Optiphi is amazing, and you see visible results”

Denim brand: “Diesel. I am a big fan of founder Renzo Rosso. Reading his book Be Stupid had a profound influence on me. I enjoy Diesel’s philosophy, how they embrace diversity and individualism in their advertising, and of course, the quality of the product. Locally, I enjoy Tshepo The Jeanmaker. It’s important for us to support local, especially emerging creative talent..”

Beauty is: “Skin deep. It is when you know your own mind, are comfortable within yourself, and radiate from within.”

What does success look like:  “When your family and community are that much better because of some level of impact you have made. Making a difference is something I aspire to do.”

When the going gets tough: “I am fortunate to have my family to lean on. I lean so much on them and we support each other, uplift and celebrate each other daily.”

Get Up and Go Song: “Ing’qomile by Lulo Cafe feat Xelimpilo from Sikhululo’s new album XXXV. Inspired by our trip through Italy in 2014, this entire album is a true work of art”

More about A:

Asanda is a seasoned stylist. You can’t simply call her a fashionista, her profession is fashion – a style journalist, fashion stylist and creative consultant. She’s not only South Africa’s finest but an African world class representative. Glocal indeed…

Photograph: Donald Chipumha..

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