It’s a beautiful summer night, and I think I’m being stood up for the first time in this dating game.

We were supposed to meet at 18:30. The time is now 19:30. His last text message said “see you soon”. Well I guess ‘soon’ is relative – it’s not an actual measure of time. So here I sit, eating grilled haloumi cheese & a salad. And all I see is couples. Seriously, it’s only couples here. I specifically chose to sit on the deck because #date things.

How did I meet this man? Well I was at the mall and all he did was wave at me and the rest …well, history. Just last night, the same man asked me if I had ever been to Johannesburg? I mean- the man met me wearing aBeyoncé Lemonade yellow dress, and you dare ask me if I have ever been to bright cities. Naturally I played along, told him all about my experiences riding buses and taxis all over the country and into Zim. By the end of it, he made it him sole mission to get me on a plane. Come hell or high water #BlesserThings.

Anyways, back to the date. He phones me at 21:00, he is waiting for a lift to pick him up from his apartment. To justify my lost hours, I offer to send him an Uber (he doesn’t know what that is). After a mini Uber tutorial, I request a ride for him and he joins, eventually. Four glasses of wine and a massive chicken salad and grilled halloumi cheese later, we get comfortable and chat some more. The restaurant staff starts cleaning up around us and we know it’s time to go. By that time I had decided this date will not go beyond this venue- but he has a sense of humour (oh did I tell you he was decked in soccer gear – Kaizer chiefs t-shirt, Barcelona jacket, and some of other team emblem on the cap), excuse me for dressing up!.

I get an Uber (he catches a meter cab) and for the next few weeks we keep chatting. Little does he know, the future of me and him ended when he showed up 4hours late for a date – I just stuck around because I didn’t feel like going back to an empty apartment. But I wasn’t going to invite him over either…

On to the next one!

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