Closet staple, Comfortable, Sexy, Versatile, Durable – that’s just some of the words we use to describe our favourite jeans.  And they’re really hard to find.

Here’s our round up of good denim stores:

G Star brand specializes in making raw denim – an unwashed, untreated denim. G-Star is influenced by military clothing. Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel from around the world. Some examples include special pockets constructions and the use of trims. Everyone notices a pair of GStar jeans, mostly because they have this great habit of fitting really well (loose at the right places, and tight where it matters).

Levi’s is synonymous with the word denim. Dating back from the 501, they have constantly re-invented themselves to stay relevant in an ever changing environment.

Diesel when I hear see anyone wearing a pair of Diesel jeans I think ‘mmmh cool and young at heart’. It’s that cool that knows how to grow with you, without ever losing the edge. Diesel jeans are a work of art, you are bound to find shapes you wouldn’t otherwise find anywhere else.

Zara – for funky, fashionable jeans this is a non-disappointing visit. I’m petite by nature and the length of Zara jeans is perfection.

Frame denim is understated, light and comfortable -overall a good fit. Known for their skinny jeans and subtle colour palette. If you are a fan of the Country Road, Witchery brands and that European aesthetic, you will appreciate this brand. Not available in S.A but you can find them on https://www.frame-store.com/, Net-A-Porter, and also www.ordstrom.com (they ship to S.A).

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