This piece is in honour of a beautiful soul whose heart believed the lies the darkness whispered to her. I loved her so much and always believed she was the most beautiful person, inside and out, she was my best friend my sister and my friend. She was the fire in my life. A voice inside her told her she was not worthy of the magnificent sunrise and sunsets.  She took her own life at 23, and I wrote this after she passed.

Sometimes the only prayer I say for all human beings is that they never believe the lies that the darkness whispers to them in the stills of the night. Only the brave make it to the morning. At what point do we stop believing that tomorrow gives us a chance to believe and live again.  Live well and do what makes you happy. Always remain in a constant state of prayer, it keeps us sane and faith gives us undying hope for when days are dark.

Dreamers and game changers are kept alive by an incredible imagination that sees all things beyond every sunset. Even when it gets hard to take the next step, believe in life. Plead with your mind, body and soul and never take lightly the grace of God. Yes, there are times when we all stare defeat and death in the mirror. Take the time to develop a calming, loving inner voice.  Nothing lasts forever and after each fall, we can always rise up again and again. Moving the mountains every single day if you must – it’s better than being buried under rocks of self-doubt, a negative self image. Be brave and seek help. But never stop fighting. Never embrace the death of your inner beauty when the spirit is ready to fight back for its soul. Every bit of effort counts when saving you from yourself. And ultimately saving yourself from the world. Look for people who believe in you, and keep them. In turn, love them and treasure them. For every good person there’s a good person and where good people gather, good things happen.

Happy Love’s Day!!


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