According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey released by STATSSA in June 2017,  the growth in employment by 144 000, was offset by the growth in the number of job-seekers by 433 000 driving the unemployment rate to 27,7% in the first quarter of 2017. This is the highest unemployment rate observed since September 2003.

Of the 433 000 people who joined the ranks of the unemployed, approximately 58% were young people aged 15-34 increasing the youth unemployment rate by 1,6 percentage points to 38,6%. Unemployment rate remained high among those with education level of less than matric at 33,1% which is 5,4 percentage points higher than the national average. While the unemployment rate among graduates remained at 7,3%.

Quitting a job and resigning haphazardly is probably the easiest thing to do but finding a new job may not be a walk in the park. If you want to leave your current place of employment because you are not happy, think how miserable you will be at the end of every month without a reliable source of income. 

As it is said that, people don’t leave buildings they leave people (and what they perceive to be bad management). Nodlbody should affect you so much that you will pull yourself back into dependency. 

Another reason people quit jobs is so that they can focus on their passion projects or try their hand at entrepreneurship. If your start up business is not up and running, nor is it generating more money than your monthly salary then there is absolutely no reason to give up formal employment. Grind whilst you are at it. Don’t let anybody sell you dreams about the hustle. What should be important to you is that your bills are paid every month, and you are trying by all means to live an organized life so as to not be a burden on anybody. Here are some tips to help you not make the mistake of resigning without a job.

  • Cultivate connections outside of work with people who are also in the same field as you and create  a Buddy Circle. Phone or text them whenever you are feeling unhappy about a situation at the office. Sometimes things are bigger in our heads, and talking about it will give a clearer perspective
  • Surround yourself with people that have a high work ethic and therefore would never advise you to just up and leave with no Plan B
  • Be a team player. Connect with your team members and give ideas/input constantly even if no one uses them
  • Always remain positive. Every new day needs to start with an optimistic start. Take a few minutes each night to Meditate or Pray. Take a few minutes each morning before you get out of bed to Meditate or Pray. Do whatever it takes to protect your energy (do not let anybody feed off that)
  • Set aside time on evenings and weekends to work on your Passion Project. Apply for funding and attend seminars when you have the time

Unless you have enough savings to last you for at least a year (yup, that’s how long it can take to get a job), or your Plan B is stellar there is absolutely no reason to quit your job. Plus, victory is when you handing a resignation letter on your way to greener pastures.  And when you get to greener pastures, use these tips to make sure you remain committed – or you will jump from job to job. Don’t short change yourself or become a statistic unnecessarily. There are millions of people who would give anything to have a 9-5 in order to provide for themselves and their families.

Don’t be that guy/girl….


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