So it’s 1:28am and I have just been woken up by a sound coming from downstairs. Luckily it’s not an intruder but rather a noise coming from the coffee table in the lounge. I fell asleep to ‘Woman Got the Right to Be’ by Mam Letta and Tat’uCaiphus – and for those of you who don’t know the lyrics it speaks about the plight of women in a society riddled by an oppressive and abusive system that is also known as patriarchy.

Anyways, I digress. Back to the story! I stood next to the coffee table for a few minutes wondering if I Should just topple it over so that whatever is in it can just come out! I went against that thought and decided to go downstairs and ask security on duty to come up to my apartment. When I was inside the lift I started hoping that it was the female guard on duty – because that would make me feel a lot safer. Panic started to set in and I was officially shook. As soon as the lift doors opened there he was, and as I walked up to him there was no guarantee of what would happen next. Suddenly anything (bad) was possible. He came up to have a look and all I could do was pray that he is not a rapist, literally. As soon as he left it got me thinking about how exposed and vulnerable we are at the hands of men in this country. Why are men not afraid of the consequences of rape, murder and these horrid crimes against women?

If I am feeling afraid in what is meant to be a secure building, how much worse forewomen and children living somewhere with not even the illusion of security – where there is absolutely no structure that will make her feel safe! There are so many cases and heart wrenching stories that never make the headlines – and with the current rape stats it’s a growing concern that there is simply not enough uproar, from men and women (I do like to believe that there are men who care).  In this country, we have a Department of Women but no one has been able to tell me what they actually do. And I would definitely not  hold my breath for the ANCWL to come to the rescue, they are so intent on bashing victims and protecting men that they just don’t seem to relate to women’s struggles – the irony!

In a nutshell, as a woman I do not feel protected from dangerous men. Living in fear of the unknown and not even being able to trust our neighbours, Uber drivers, male friends and other men we come across. Unable to even walk the streets without being cat called by people who feel entitled to our personal space.

We can all be better we can do better. Government can and must protect those who are vulnerable. Not to mount anymore pressure on Cyril Ramaphosa (sorry not sorry), but issues around Women and Children need more care.

Anyways, let me sleep. Can’t let the system get me down.






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